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My Heartfelt Thanks ...

Jaya, thanks so much for your support and for giving me permission to use all the Dreamspeakers information! I'm sure it was a walk down memory lane for you and it makes me  remember the first time we met..:)

Rich and Elaine, thank you for your continued friendship and your generosity! The pictures you permitted me to use are fabulous!!! You guys are the best folks I have encountered on the net!!:))

Martyn , I can't thank you enough for providing me with all those wonderful CD's! I barely have any space left in my wallsystem!!:) BTW, you're my favourite Indie Rep.:))

Rose, thanks a bunch for sharing a few links with me!! Can't wait for your newest website!!

Many thanks also to the Mohican Land friends I have made over the last few years!!

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Causes I support:
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Nechi Institute- A Healing Place

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Clipart: Wildrose, the Provincial flower of ALBERTA