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Sisters, brothers, and friends, we now have gathered here,
Giving greeting and thanks to the great spirit, our Creator.
The Mother Earth, women who are givers of life are the same.
The sun, the moon and the stars, the lakes and rivers,
The four winds- the east wind, the west wind, the south wind, and the north.
The seasons, the first is spring, starting of all life plants, animals, birds.
Summer- fall and winter is last when asked your age are winters.
The snow and rains.
The trees,the plant life. Among them are food, medicine and beauty.
All trees provide us with shelter, syrup and fruits of all kinds.
The beauty of the tree is ever changing.
The animals of all kinds also provide us with shelter,food and clothing,
Share work loads pets,companions and beauty.
Birds,by song and some for food.
The waters to quench thirst, to provide fish for food, with water
For plants,trees, animals and mankind, we give special thanks.
We are truly the chosen people to share all of this.
For mankind in mind, health and spirit.
We also give thanks to our elders who carry and pass these messages
to all mankind so we may be happy as to what we have, all creation.

Mike Phillips Kanentakeron
for Akwatiohkwa Drug and Rehabilitation Program

NOTE: None of the above text may be reproduced in any way.

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